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Mandals Wellman hoses are made in a special way in order to carry the weight of pumps and cables applied in vertical supply lines and drills.
    Mandals Wellman is made from extruded thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) with perfect properties in terms of wear. The reinforcement is made of round polyester fibre fabric. Extrusion through the weave produces a very strong connection of the coat with the lining, as well as fine tightening of the polyester fabric.

  • The hose has the following certifications for potable water:
  • WRAS - certified in accordance with BS 6920UK
  • Approval KTW-DVGW, Germany
  • Approval W270, Germany
  • Listing NSF 61, USA
  • PZH HK/W/1226/01/2015 certificate


   Mandals Wellman is an important part of the system, where also the screw-on joint is central and may be supplied by Mandals. The hose is designed for use in a borehole, where there is a deep well pump at the end of the hose (we can recommend pump suppliers if you need). This enables very high resistance of the hose to stretching.
Also the tape with loops outside simplifies fixing the pump cables on the hose.

The main advantages of the Wellman system are:

  • Easier manipulation than with rigid steel or HDPE pipes
  • Simple installation and repair
  • Very good hydraulic properties - lower friction and higher flow rate resulting from the increased diameter
  • Low risk of cable and pump damage
  • No corrosion
  • Simple service

    Mandals Wellman may be operated at the temperatures from -40°C to +50°C and resist incidental use at the temperature up to +80°C. The recommended working pH at the temperature below 30°C is pH 4-9 and between 30°C and 50°C it is 5-9. Maximum elongation in the conditions of the recommended elongation is 2% and the maximum diameter increase is 15%. Mandals Wellman is highly resistant to ozone, UV radiation, fungi and hydrolysis. Standard lengths are up to   200 m. We can provide longer sections upon request.

Technical data
Internal diameter Wall thickness Weight* Weight* Rupture at pressure Maximum borehole depth Resistance to stretching Max ** total load
Inch mm Inch mm Lbs/Ft Kg/m Psi Bar Ft m x1000 Lbs Tons Lbs Kg
2 51+2,00 0,12 3,00 0,39 0,59 870 60 820 250 13,30 6,00 3750 1700
3 76+2,00 0,13 3,20 0,62 0,93 870 60 820 250 24,40 11,00 6600 3000
4 102+2,50 0,14 3,60 0,94 1,40 870 60 820 250 40,00 18,00 12100 5500
5 127+2,50 0,14 4,00 1,30 1,94 870 60 820 250 48,90 22,00 15900 7200
6 152+3,00 0,16 4,00 1,61 2,40 870 60 820 250 62,20 28,00 19850 9000


In order to achieve the maximum application durability of the hose, the recommended working pressure should not be higher than 30bar/435 pounds per sq in in the immersed pump head.
* Dry hose without any accessories.

** Including water, pump, supply cable, accessories, joints etc